Flight 93 Hoax

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flight 93 Found!

At least some new fragments of it.

I'm very curious how the govt explained how 93 crashed to produce so little visible debris, and I wonder why they showed new pictures of debris that have never been seen before:

Of course, this is always the problem for 9/11 researchers: the govt has confiscated so much evidence and not shown much of anything, so now they literally can pull out anything and say it proves the official story-- and we are hard put to refute it.

What I will say is that the official flight 93 crash story still makes no sense.

The new pictures of debris could easily have come from some other spot where the plane crashed or the parts were planted, of course. Or maybe even flight 93 crashed where they say it did, and the media/govt has done a crappy job of explaining the crash/showing the evidence.

What I will also say is these few new pieces of debris are a still only a tiny fraction of what a huge Boeing 757 would produce.

What is amusing/interesting is comparing the new pictures of flight 93 debris to the sad little collection of parts that were shown in this article (scroll down for slideshow link). E.g.

Much like the other three plane crashes on 9/11, we have a few recognizable plane parts, no attempt at matching the exact parts to the plane that crashed, and nowhere near enough pieces of debris to account for the huge planes that crashed.

I will analyze the flight 93 cockpit transcript that was released here.