Flight 93 Hoax

Friday, January 27, 2006

Were There Two Flight 93s???

Plane Swap Over Pennsylvania; Flight 93 and his Doppelganger - by Woody Box

9/11 researcher Woody Box has a new piece out on flight 93, and finds fairly convincing evidence that flight 93 was a twin-flight, which underwent a plane swap towards the end.

Since he thinks one of these planes landed near Pittsburgh and one at National Airport near DC, this two-plane scenario is still consistent with the idea that the flight 93 crash crater is a hoax. The plane swap idea might also support the idea of flight 93 being involved in the Air Force hijacking drill wargames that day.

Of course the big mystery is WHY was flight 93 set-up to run like this, with a faked crash site along with a plane swap?

This needs more thinkin'.