Flight 93 Hoax

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Did Flight 93 Crash Near New Baltimore?

From Shanksville, the official crash site for flight 93...
"The village of New Baltimore is a dozen or more miles by automobile but eight as the wind blows, which it was doing a year ago. Melanie Hankinson was at the church next to her home, transfixed before a television that showed the World Trade Center ablaze, when the man who sprays her lawn stopped by to tell her he was finding odd things in the weeds.

"He said there was a loud bang and smoke and then these papers started blowing through your yard," she said. "I said, 'Oh.' Then I went back to the TV." Then the parish priest, the Rev. Allen Zeth, told her an airplane had crashed in Shanksville.

For the next few hours, Hankinson gathered charred pages of in-flight magazines, papers from a pilot's manual -- she remembers a map showing the Guadalajara, Mexico, airport -- and copies of stock portfolio monthly earnings reports.

"And there was some black webbing -- a lot of people found that," she said. The webbing, flexible where it hadn't burned, crisp where it had, was from insulation lining the belly of the jetliner."
(emphasis added)

This story would seem to support the idea that the plane crashed in New Baltimore or was damaged very close to New Baltimore. There is no way that so much debris blew eight miles specifically into her yard. EIGHT MILES is a long way on the weak wind that day.

This fellow says that Flight 93 was going the opposite way from the official story before it crashed, after the passengers regained control, and that it was shot by air force interceptors initially over New Baltimore. His scenario fits the debris field (another major debris field was Indian Lake, three miles from the official crash site), but I don't buy his "semi-official" interpretation of the flight 93 story (with the evil hijackers and heroic passengers), as the phone calls of flight 93 are just too bizarre, and the Shanskville crater still doesn't add up. Nonetheless, it is worth considering that the plane was going the other way and was shot by fighters.

But to make things more confusing, this article places plane debris half a mile to one mile north of the official crash site. So, what direction WAS the wind blowing that day?

It is hard for me to figure out what really happened, if there were two planes, if fake debris was scattered or something even stranger.