Flight 93 Hoax

Thursday, July 30, 2009

FBI Claims 95% of Shredded and Buried UA93 Recovered Less Than Two Weeks After 9/11

September 24, 2001 Posted: 3:14 PM EDT (1914 GMT)

SHANKSVILLE, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- The FBI announced Monday that its investigation of the site where a hijacked jet slammed into a field here is complete and that 95 percent of the plane was recovered.

The federal investigation into the September 11 terrorist attacks continues.

Evidence-gathering was halted Saturday afternoon and the pieces of United Airlines Flight 93 that had been recovered were turned over Sunday to the airline, with the exception of the flight data recorder and the voice recorder, which are being held and analyzed by the FBI, according to FBI agent Bill Crowley.

Crowley said the biggest piece of the plane that was recovered was a 6-by-7-foot piece of the fuselage skin, including about four windows. The heaviest piece, Crowley said, was part of an engine fan, weighing about 1,000 pounds.
This is really, really hard to believe, given the official story that much of the plane was buried deep underground and small pieces of the plane were found for acres around the official crash site. In fact, it sounds like total baloney. Keep in mind, that they are not only saying that they recovered 95% of the bris in less than two weeks, but that they managed to reconstruct the plane with the debris enough to know that they got 95%!!!

I call bullshit.

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