Flight 93 Hoax

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Measuring the Flight 93 Crater: It's Still Too Small for a Boeing 757

(click to enlarge images)

Here, A and C denote the "engine" marks, which should be 44 feet apart (center to center) for a Boeing 757. B denotes the central crater presumably made by a the fuselage. We can assume the legs of the person are 3 feet. The orange line denotes the top three feet of a six foot person, and a torso and head are sketched into the image.

Using the measurements from above, we can assign distances to this overheard view of the crater. Now we can clearly see the engine marks are too close together (only 31 feet or so from A to C):

This photo confirms that the engine spacing is too close together (about 33 feet, close to what was measured above):

Here is a Boeing 757 super-imposed on the picture above at proper scale-- the engines don't line up: