Flight 93 Hoax

Monday, September 04, 2006

One Last Visit to the Flight 93 Crash Site?

Here is the basic layout of the flight 93 crash site (all based on official accounts and sources):
A) an impact crater in a open field, about 10 feet deep, 30 feet by 10 feet in dimensions, with what looks like wing marks out to each side.
B) badly burnt trees, about 200 feet from the impact crater, at the edge of a small forest. Curiously, this damage was not in line with the official flight path.
C) No large recognizable plane debris was anywhere around the impact crater. Officially, one engine was found 800-1000 feet away, in line with the plane path, and officially, the burned forest had plane debris, including fuselage parts. Also, officially, one engine was found lodged in or near the impact crater and the cockpit data recorder (normally located in the tail section) was found very deep down in the impact crater (25 feet). There are no clear reports that I am aware of finding any main landing gear, wing pieces, tail sections or intact seats. A significant amount of small debris was found up to eight miles from the official crash site. Reports on how much of the total plane was recovered are conflicted. Officially, only very small amounts of passenger remains were found.

For further reading, I highly recommend this page, which has a very excellent and extensive analysis of the flight 93 crash scene, with links to only mainstream news articles.

SO, how do we explain this crash site?

The most extended official explanation for the flight 93 crash comes from Jere Longman's "Among the Heroes" (as far as I know, there is no NTSB report on the crash). In that book, he posits that before crashing, the plane was flying upside down (based on eyewitness reports and the crater alignment). The plane then hit at a 45 degree angle and the front third of the plane shattered completely on the ground, spewing debris all around. The rear two thirds of the plane rammed deep into the soft earth, and crumpled in an accordion-like fashion. This would explain the black boxes being deep in the ground. The front fuselage apparently shattered into very small fragments. Longman does not explain what happened to the tail section and wings. He says the passengers and crew were completely torn apart, and that the main remains were small fragments of skin. It is not clear what happened to the skeletal remains or teeth of the passengers.

This explanation is of course absurd, as this story defies physics. Basically it is impossible that the front of the plane disintegrate while the rear part of the plane enter the ground as an intact piece. This is akin to ramming a pretzel stick into an orange, where the front one third of the pencil smashes into crumbs right before the rear two-thirds penetrate the skin and drive deep into the fruit. One could see the whole pretzel stick penetrating the orange, or the front of the pretzel breaking off before the rest goes in-- but in this case the front piece would not turn into tiny crumbs. Basically, any material that is strong enough to cause the front of a projectile to smash apart is not going to allow the rear part of the projectile to slide completely in.

It is also absurd to think that the huge tail section went into the ground completely, yet how else to explain the black boxes being so deep underground, since the black boxes are kept in the tail section? The idea ANY sort of projectile could drive itself 25' deep under the soil is absurd.

So the official story is a lie. There is no doubt.

But clearly the shoot-down story that many people persist in believing is a lie as well. No shot down plane will crash like this either.

Frankly, the easiest explanation for the whole crash scene is that it was a staged hoax-- where there were planted explosives along with some junk debris that went off to coincide with a plane flying over. Then plane parts and body parts were planted, and debris was strewn over a wide area to be misleading. It is curious to note how the 9/11 commission says flight 93 officially crashed at 10:03 am, but the explosion by many accounts wasn't until 10:06am. This could be explained by a discrepency in whatever the plane was doing that was mimicking flight 93 versus the actual explosion. Finally, of course, the many phone calls from flight 93 are highly suspicious due to a number of abnormalities, and were likely another layer of deception.

Nonetheless, I welcome any other explanation for the flight 93 crash site that takes into account the facts as I outlined above. You can contact me by email (spooked911@hotmail.com).