Flight 93 Hoax

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Flight 93 Engines: WTF???

This post by Killtown pointed me to this picture of one of the flight 93 engines that was supposedly dug up from the crater (a picture released at the Moussaoui trial):

Now, already this is odd, because officially the rear three-quarters of the 150 foot long flight 93 fuselage "accordioned" and disappeared into the hole completely, 30 feet below the earth's surface.* The two black boxes were found 15 and 25 feet underground!* Yet here we have the massive jet engine-- with all it's weight and thrust--that barely managed to penetrate the surface of the ground!

But beyond that, a Boeing 757 of course has TWO engines. What happened to the other one?

Many of you may recall that the fate of one of the flight 93 engines was already famously described in the press very early on. According to mainstream media accounts, the other engine landed over a thousand feet from the crash site, as shown in this diagram from Popular Mechanics:

This story of one of the engines being found so far from the crash crater led to the theory** that flight 93 was actually shot down by a heat-seeng missile that targeted one engine, blowing it off and causing it to land far from the rest of the plane.

The supporters of the official 9/11 story, such as Popular Mechanics, said there was no shootdown, that the engine merely ricocheted off the ground as the plane impacted and was flung over a thousand feet by the force of the crash.

And now we seem to know what happened to both of the flight 93 engines. One broke off as the plane crashed and bounced over a thousand feet away by the force of the crash, and the other was deposited in the crash crater.

No problem then, right?

Err, well, um, I have a wee problem with this scenario.

Officially, when the plane crashed, it went more or less straight into the ground:

Leaving aside the many other oddities of the flight 93 crash site, there is this question: if flight 93 simply crashed into the ground as the official story holds, how could the two engines suffer such completely different fates? How is it possible that one engine burrowed into the ground right next to the plane while the other engine broke off and flew a quarter of a mile away? What accounts for this huge discrepency? Even if the plane hit at an angle such that one engine hit first, it is not at all clear to me how this explains the discrepency. Remember, the BULK of the plane officially burrowed into the soft ground (which was mostly topsoil covering an old stripmine). What would have caused one engine to break off and bounce so far away? And why did the second engine not burrow into the ground as deeply as the huge fuselage?

This is part of the reason why I think the flight 93 crash is most likely a massive hoax.

*Jere Longman's "Among the Heroes" Harper Collins, 2002

**e.g. David Ray Griffin "The New Pearl Harbor, Dsiturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11", Olive brnach Press, 2004