Flight 93 Hoax

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Read the WingTV Book

The one mentioned here.

Their basic scenario is that:
1) flight 93 crashed in New Baltimore after being shot down by the air force
2) the government hid this real crash site and created a fake crash site near Shanskville
3) the plane was going so fast that it was only a few seconds from Shanksville to New Baltimore, so it was possible to fake the Shanksville crash site
4) the Shanksville crash site was created by a missile, which one witness saw flying (forget her name, but she saw a weird white jet going overhead around the time of the crash)
5) flight 93 was real

Their BIG 9/11 scenario is that the whole 9/11 plan by the government was screwed up by flight 93 leaving late from Newark Airport. This is actually Dave McGowan's idea-- that flight 93 leaving late ruined the Washington DC attack part of the plan (DC was supposed to get hit by two planes at the same time as NYC, thus creating a rationale why there was no air defense).

The WingTV folks don't say much about the hijackings, or remote control, but they definitely seem to believe there was a real flight 93. They don't say what was really on flight 93 that the government needed to cover-up.

I think their basic logic is that if flight 93 had left on time, then DC would have been hit early and there would have been no air defense. But because flight 93 left late, and because flight 93 was supposed to coordinate with flight 77, the Pentagon attack got altered (though they don't say what DID happen at the Pentagon). Thus, according to the WingTV people, there was SOME air defense that eventually got to flight 93 and shot it down.

The problem for me here is that it is not clear that even early attacks on DC would have led to a virtual stand-down for the air force. This is one reason I like the no-plane idea better.

But my main question is--- why on EARTH would government plotters (or terrorists for that matter) rest their whole evil plan (i.e., they had to hit DC first to insure no air defense) on A PLANE LEAVING ON TIME FROM NEWARK AIRPORT???????!!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Were There Two Flight 93s???

Plane Swap Over Pennsylvania; Flight 93 and his Doppelganger - by Woody Box

9/11 researcher Woody Box has a new piece out on flight 93, and finds fairly convincing evidence that flight 93 was a twin-flight, which underwent a plane swap towards the end.

Since he thinks one of these planes landed near Pittsburgh and one at National Airport near DC, this two-plane scenario is still consistent with the idea that the flight 93 crash crater is a hoax. The plane swap idea might also support the idea of flight 93 being involved in the Air Force hijacking drill wargames that day.

Of course the big mystery is WHY was flight 93 set-up to run like this, with a faked crash site along with a plane swap?

This needs more thinkin'.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Flight 93 Theory

A new book from WingTV:
Flight 93 Hoax: SOLVED

Phantom Flight 93: The Shanksville-Flight 93 Hoax puts forth an extremely convincing argument that Flight 93 did not meet its demise in Shanksville, Pa. on the morning of September 11, 2001, but was instead shot down by U.S. military forces and subsequently crash landed in the rural hamlet of New Baltimore, Pa., 6-8 miles away from where the government alleges this event took place. Furthermore, to create a massive diversionary site to draw attention away from the actual wreckage in New Baltimore, a missile was fired into an abandoned strip mine in Shanksville, Pa. – the result of this ordnance blast being a 200-foot mushroom cloud and an 8-10 foot deep crater, but absolutely no airplane wreckage whatsoever. In other words, while the media’s attention was focused on Shanksville, the actual debris from Flight 93 was clandestinely being scuttled away from New Baltimore, Pa., which had been immediately cordoned-off by the FBI and local State Police.

Also included in Phantom Flight 93:

- First-hand eyewitness testimony of a missile being launched into Shanksville, which resulted in a massive hoax and cover-up being perpetrated on the American people.
- Claims that emergency rooms in Shanksville were originally notified to be prepared for victims from TWO separate airplane crash sites.
- The emergence of three (or more) wreckage-debris sites in Southwest Pennsylvania, not simply one as the government alleges.
- Irrefutable evidence that there was NO plane at Shanksville, but instead Flight 93 (or something purporting to be Flight 93) actually crash landed in New Baltimore, Pa.
- Admissions by the Department of Defense based on seismographic data that the government blatantly lied about its Flight 93 timeline.
- 9-11 Deconstructed: What Went Wrong – how the real devils behind 9-11 blew it – a list of six major tactical blunders that allowed researchers to expose the lies of this horrific event, along with a brief history of other failed examples of state-sponsored terrorism, including OKC, the USS Liberty, and WTC ’93.
- The Evil 13: 9-11 Master-Minds named by name, along with their nefarious dossiers!
- 9-11 Passenger List oddities, including the mystery of Todd and Lisa Beamer
- Plus gag orders, faked cell phone calls, human remains found at Indian Lake marina, a confession that the U.S. military shot down a plane on the morning of 9-11, and much more.

Phantom Flight 93: The Shanksville-Flight 93 Hoax completely shreds the government’s ‘official’ version of events, and reveals that something far more sinister occurred near Shanksville, Pa. on the morning of 9-11 than was ever revealed to the American public.